Phone Cases: A Tragic Love Story

Generally speaking, I'm not a great believer in phone cases. Having said that, I pretty much always use on one my phones. However, I have very specific requirements around what is allowed to wrap itself around my beautiful (and expensive) smartphone. I feel pain right down to my core whenever

Galaxy Note 2 - Cases (a comment)

As you may be aware, Rachid and I both now have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and it is a lovely phone, but a phone this big really could do with a Galaxy Note 2 case to keep the device and screen protected. The type of case you choose when

Brief Thoughts On Google Nexus 4 Pricing

A lot of people have a lot of thoughts about the price of the new Nexus 4 from Google, what this means for consumers, what this means for manufacturers. I though I'd chip in with my own thoughts to get this topic open for discussion! Feel free to let me

Google Play Weekly Downloads [Oct 24 2012]

1. Facelock for Apps Pro  [FREE] and [$2.99] For users that are not on Jellybean, this app is for you. For users that are already on Jellybean, this app may benefit you as well. Facelock brings the Face unlock software on most Android Devices with a added twist.

[Review] MediaDevil Magic Wand Capacitive Stylus

Smartphones and tablets (PDA's) could only be used with a stylus once upon a time, now we have very nice capacitive screens but the need for a stylus is not completely removed, you can draw, write, or just use the device without the need to use a finger... but finding

Top 8 Android Apps That Just Plain Work

There are apps you use on a daily basis, and there are apps that you set up once and work all day without you actually having to do anything at all. If you ask me, these apps are just as important or even more so than apps you interact with