App Guide: Add Turn by Turn Navigation To Android Phones

Google have recently added the Turn by turn navigation feature to a few countries, but there are still many that do not have this feature by default. If you do wish to get this feature, there is now a way! Follow the break for full installation instructions.. Remember this is

App Guide: Add Nexus One Gallery to Android Phones

The gallery application used on the Nexus One is beautiful, certainly better than the Pictures application on the HTC Desire & Legend. It makes me wonder exactly why HTC removed this core application from android.You can move through a 3D like flow of pictures, they really do glide effortlessly

App Guide: Add Voice Search To HTC Phones

  So back in the day when I first got my HTC Hero, voice search was available to download from the market, an app direct from HTC. For some reason it was removed, and has never been seen since. Amongst other things, this app added a new icon to the

Phone Guide: HTC Desire

Ok guys and gals, the Desire is a fantastic phone, probably the best on the market at time of writing, a truly desirable device!This guide will be split up into the different logical segments of the phone, offering hints, tips and general know-how to ensure you get the most

Android Guide: How To Use QR Codes (Barcodes)

The barcodes you may see when browsing this site are very useful tools. Typically they are used to provide a direct link to an app in the android market. We must make clear though, that these barcodes are actually called QR Codes. The QR standing for Quick Reponse, which

Phone Guide: HTC Hero

Getting a new Hero is a great experience, but for someone who may not have encountered smart-phones or android phones before, then is can also be a daunting experience. This guide is designed to ease you as a new user into your Hero, and as a consequence into the hidden