Android: TallMin Icon Set

There are many ways to make your android phone look unique, and just the way you want it. One of the easiest of these is by changing icons. Android is extremely customisable, it lets you change app icons, shortcut icons, folder icons and dock icons. In fact pretty much anything

Phone Guide: How To Root The Samsung Galaxy S And Fix Lag

One of the most notable issues with the Samsung Galaxy S is to do with it's lag. It's an awesome phone, with amazing specs, but it does have a noticeable lag. The reason for this is because of the way Samsung implemented their internal memory. As you should know, the

Android Guide: Should I Use a Task Killer

Task killer, one of the most prominent words within the android world. One that causes many arguments and confusion, well today lets see if we can put it all to rest. I am constantly surprised when talking to new android owners that come to me with questions about their "faulty"

App Of The Moment: Visual Task Switcher

Here kicks off the App Of The Moment Series. I feel that app of the day lists sometimes simply push an app because there has to be an app every day, and that app isn't actually that good. So my solution to this dilema, say hello to App Of The

App Guide: Google Listen Download For Android

Google listen is a great free podcast application for android. Made by Google themselves, which pretty much guarantees it being a well made app. It is available for free on the android market for most people, but for a reason unknown to all (except maybe google), some countries cannot see

Quick Guide: Fast Text Highlight

First in the series of quick guides. Straight to the point guides about how to do something specific. We will kick off this set of guides with how to quickly highlight some text inside of a text box. Really, really simple this one. Just double tap inside of an editable