App Of The Moment: Power Amp

I've just come across possibly the best MP3 player for android, or it least the one with the potential to be the best. Power AMP is currently is beta, and seemingly unavailable anywhere officially. The interface is fantastic, it looks very smooth, obviously a lot of work has gone into

Phone Guide: How To Root The HTC Desire - All Versions!

Here at Droid Den, we have provided previous guides on how to root your HTC Desire, but each one was dependent upon you running a certain bootloader version on your HTC Desire. Well not any more, this guide will let you root your Desire, regardless of your bootloader version or

Android: aSmoothStar Icon Set

They are finally here! After the great success of my previous icon set, TallMin, which was downloaded over 12,000 times from my servers, the second in the series aSmoothStar icons are now here to download! The aSmoothStar icon set complements the TallMin icon set now giving you the choice

App Guide: Get Angry Birds APK For Android Here

The full version of Angry Birds was released today on However due to the massive popularity, GetJar didn't last too long, leaving many without a way to get this great game. Well, just follow the jump for download instructions to get it now for your phone! Installation

App Guide: Add Froyo 2.2 Market To Eclair 2.1 Phones

The market app present in Android 2.2 is a great improvement over previous iterations. It includes cool features such as auto updating and search suggestions as well as a better interface with which to view apps. Before today only those running android 2.2 could use the latest market,

Android: aSmoothStar Icons Preview and Requests!

Following on from my successful TallMin Icon set, I'm about to release the successor aSmoothStar! As a single line of text, they will be both larger and smoother than the TallMin set. Perfect for the icon dock, or as a folder icon. As these icons are created for the community,