aSmoothStar Icons Re-Uploaded

A long time ago (or what seems like a long time) I delved into the world of creating icons for android, mainly because there just weren't any decent sets for my HTC Desire... And if you're too young to remember that phone, it was the original iPhone-killer!

The set named aSmoothStar was one of my more popular sets, based on a text style. From the trackable links I hosted the set at, it had been downloaded over 100,000 times.. Which was pretty shocking to me, people actually using a set of icons I created basically just for me! I've also seen the icons being hosted at lots of other locations, so it really intrigues me to know how many of you out there could actually be using them!

Anyway, enough of that... The reason for this post is because I've had a lot of people contact me (mainly over at XDA and via Twitter. So I decided to repost the set for all of you out there who may be interested in using them. Just... don't mind the names of the colours ok, I was young and foolish at the time! \o/

There are 12 colours, and around ~200 icons in each colour :P

Or if you want all the colours, you can grab them in this mega-zip!

The original thread had a customary "buy me a beer" paypal donation link. I'm adding it back, but this time it's a non-customary "help me pay for all the expensive things I'll need for my first child come April"! #soexcitedyetsoveryscared!

Enjoy guys!