Archos Gen 9 Android Tablets Coming June

French based Archos haven't been what you would call at the cutting edge with their past android tablets. The Archos 10.1 and Archos 7 tablets, whilst cheap and packing lots of memory, were nothing to shout home about. However, this could all change with a recent announcement regarding their Gen 9 tablet offerings coming in June.

First of all, Archos will be using a plastic overmolded stainless steel structure. Not sure what that means? Lighter, thinner and stronger tablet casing apparently (not to mention cheaper). Archos are the only company to my knowledge that use actual hard disks on their tablets too, we've seen this with their current Archos 7 android tablet that packs a massive 250GB! More than enough space for anyone without a doubt. This trend will continue.

Archos are citing themselves to be the first to market with a dual core A9 CPU running at a huge 1.6GHz. Now, if you compare that to the A9 CPU's running in the Motorola Xoom and the Apple iPad, both of which run at a max of 1GHz (the iPad may be underclocked), then the Archos tablets will be sure to pack some punch.

So has this news made you think twice about buying the Xoom, or the new tablets coming from Samsung? The Archos offering will almost certainly be much cheaper than tablets, which may actually be less powerful! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how this pans out!