App Review: Instagram Review

Instagram: the most recent solution to a photo social media site for android.


This app is pretty stable, from the get go i haven't had many functionality issues. Typically, you expect a couple unforeseen closes and freezes when a new app comes out, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Instagram. Everything is pretty simple and laid out for you. Navigation is easy and the different applications pretty clear. Yes, yes, there were some angry users upset about not letting the phone’s menu button control the menu in the app, but you get over it.

The main thing for me here is ease of use. You have your home page where you can see all of the pictures of the people you are following (or followees as I like to call them.) The starred section gives you the opportunity to check out some of the most liked and popular pictures of that moment (seriously, if you refresh it, you will get different pictures!)

Next, the photo button in the middle accesses Instagram's version of your camera...I usually use my camera first so I can save the picture and move on, so that I can come back to it later. Last time I was on the "Instacamera" I had to filter and edit right there, which isn’t exactly convenient all the time. Then there's your profile/user area. There you can see and edit your information, main picture and pictures you've taken.

Back to the camera, whether you are in the "Instacamera" or sharing via your photo gallery. The bummer with sharing from your photo gallery is if you have your photos set to a bigger picture and higher resolution, you are going to need to crop, and trust me, it is not an easy decision deciding whose face or body to remove. Either way, after you crop and lose some friends you come to the filter section.

By my count, there are 18 filters. Each one brings out some different quality of the picture, shown by the effect of the little picture tree. I am personally a fan of X-Pro most recently. There is a contrast effect too that you can turn on and off on every filter, which gives you a whole new effect to the filter. There’s also a border option which allows each of the effects to have their own preset border. Most recently, Instagram added a tilt effect that blurs areas to add depth and point out certain things or words in a picture. It can be implemented in 2 ways, a circle or a line across. Pinch and spread accordingly for your picture.


All in all, this app is solid. The users seem to like it, and they’re making all great and frequent updates. There are a bunch of different ways to do the same thing, which is great when dealing with a variety of users this wide. For as long as pictures will be taken on people’s phones, Instagram will have a market they are appealing to.[app][/app]