App review: Diskusage

So its getting closer to a very exciting time for me currently... only 12 (maybe 11) days away from getting my shiny new Samsung Galaxy S3 (eeeek!). Upon getting a new phone, the question always raises itself of how all your precious data is going to be transferred over from one device to another and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to have a bit of a clear out and "clear the cobwebs" so to speak. I have already found my perfect File Explorer app but i really wanted to see what was eating up all them MBs. Meet Diskusage



This app is probably one of the best visual implementations of disk management I have seen. The premise is simple, choose your storage area, then the fun begins! Each folder / file is represented by a block or bar. Tap on that block and it zooms into the next level so that you can see the files in the folder etc. It seems a little difficult to explain but really the best advice I can give is to try it. Within seconds you can visually see what folders or files are consuming all your precious space and you can also manage it from the app too, making really easy to delete things to clear up your space in no time. You can also pinch to zoom in and out to get to your desired place.

It also gives you root access, so for those of you that way inclined you can use it to explore your system folders too. All this and the best news is the app is completely FREE! Head on over to Google Play Store and download this little gem of an app right away! See below for a YouTube video showing you how it works and the Play link.