Android: TallMin Icon Set

There are many ways to make your android phone look unique, and just the way you want it. One of the easiest of these is by changing icons. Android is extremely customisable, it lets you change app icons, shortcut icons, folder icons and dock icons. In fact pretty much anything that has an icon included in it, you can change.

The TallMin icon pack is something I put together for those who like a minimalist, clean look to their phone. The icon set consists of 10 packs of 139 icons each. That is the same 139 icons in the following colours:

  • Black
  • Bright Red
  • Dark Red
  • Green
  • Light Blue
  • Orange
  • Pastel Blue
  • Pink
  • White
  • Yellow

The image below shows an example of the orange flavour of the icons. They look even better on your phone!

Installation Instructions


TallMin Black
TallMin Bright Red
TallMin Dark Red
TallMin Green
TallMin Light Blue
TallMin Orange
TallMin Pastel Blue
TallMin Pink
TallMin White
TallMin Yellow
TallMin ALL