Android Still Owns Over Half of Mobile Ad Impressions

Millennial Media today announced in their monthly mobile report that android still accounts for over half of all mobile ad impressions on its network. The ads reach over 90 million US users each month, so this is one of the more respectable reports out there

Androids 51% share actually accounts for around $21 billion each month, crazy sum you'll agree. Take the jump for more info..

Although android owns 51% of the ad share, this is actually down from the January figure, which reached 54%. This slight drop could be because Millennial extended their report to include tablets, games consoles and other connected devices. You may think think the iPad is the main reason for the drop, but Apple share also decreased too (although by only 1%).

Apple was the leading manufacturer, followed by Samsung and HTC. Samsung actually jumped into second place at the expense of HTC. Youshould expect Apple to lead in this department simple because they are the sole manufacturer of ios products, where as android has many.

All in all this points to good news for android developers. There is money to be made on android, and ad-based models do seem to offer a decent payback.