Phone Guide: Install Custom Modaco ROM and Kernel On Samsung Galaxy Tab Guide

The Galaxy Tab is a great device, I wasn't too sure about the 7" form before I purchased mine, but honestly it's a perfect size. You just don't realise until you use it. Anyhow, Modaco has just released a custom rom and kernel for the tab that increases performance quite a lot. If you have a tab I definitely recommend you add this to your device. As expected, there isn't really any good step-by-step instructions out there on how to get this on your galaxy tab, well until now :P Take the jump for full step-by-step instructions!


As ever, you follow this guide at your own risk, I take no responsibility for anything that may go wrong, no matter how unlikely that is. This guide was written whilst I performed this, so follow it to the letter for your security. Also this guide will WIPE your data, so make sure you've backed up with titanium before starting.

This guide was written for a UK GSM Galaxy Tab. I have no idea if it works for American, or other versions of the Tab. You should confirm this before following the guide.


  1. Make sure you have the latest Samsung Kies installed on your PC.
  2. Follow this guide here to root your Galaxy Tab.
  3. Install Titanium backup, and backup your data.
  4. Make sure your sdcard is inserted through the process, and that it has a fair bit of free space.

Install Kernel

  1. Download the following 2 files.

  2. Those 2 files are the same zip split into two, so unzip the first one to actually unzip the whole package.
  3. Turn off your Galaxy Tab.
  4. Turn your Galaxy Tab on into DOWNLOAD mode (Press Volume DOWN and Power On at the same time).
  5. Open Odin3 v1.7.exe on your PC.
  6. Connect your Galaxy Tab to your PC via the USB cable.
  7. Make Sure the ID:COM box is highlighted yellow (meaning it sees your tab).
  8. Click on the PIT button and select the P1_20100909.pit file you downloaded earlier.
  9. Click on the PDA button and select the p1000-mck-r3-ext4-cwm.tar file you downloaded earlier (make sure PDA is ticked after selecting the file).
  10. UNTICK Re-Partition.
  11. The only boxes ticked should be:

    1. Auto Reboot
    2. F. Reset Time
    3. The PDA tickbox

  12. Click start and wait for PASS! to show highlighted green on Odin.
  13. Now your PC will get stuck on the Samsung loading screen (if you aren't sure, just wait a bit and you'll see it won't fully boot up).
  14. Turn your galaxy tab off by holding the power button for about 5 seconds.
  15. Turn your Galaxy Tab on into RECOVERY mode (Press Volume UP and Power On at the same time).
  16. The Galaxy Tab will now perform the EXT4 conversion.
  17. Sit tight, depending on how much data you have, this can take quite a long time.
  18. Once finished, click reboot system now (by pressing the power button).
  19. The reboot will take a while first time so be patient!
  20. Thats that, onto the actual ROM!

Install ROM

  1. Connect your Galaxy Tab to your PC and mount.
  2. Copy the file to your external sd card.
  3. Unmount your Galaxy Tab and remove the USB cable.
  4. Turn your galaxy tab off.
  5. Turn your Galaxy Tab on into RECOVERY mode (Press Volume UP and Power On at the same time).
  6. Select backup and restore (volume keys to navigate, power button to select).
  7. Select backup and wait for it to finish.
  8. When done, select install zip from sdcard.
  9. Select choose zip from sdcard.
  10. Select the you copied to your sdcard earlier.
  11. Select Yes and wait for it to apply the update.
  12. When done, select reboot system now.
  13. And you're done!!

The first thing you should probably do now is restore your titanium backup, that will pretty much restore your Tab back to it's old state, just much faster now!

Thanks to modaco for providing the rom and installation instructions.