Android Guide: Minimise Your Lock Screen Style

Yesterday I posted a screenshot of my current lock screen on my HTC Desire. It's very minimalist, but I think it looks quite beautiful. I posted the question of whether it's too bare, or if the fact that there is little going on makes it gorgeous. Well the majority of responses loved it! Those that didn't seem to have a need to knowledge and so their lock screens are more packed with that info, which is also great. I mean one of the great things about android is the fact that you can easily tailor it to your own needs and preferences right?

Well, many people also asked how I made my homescreen like this, it's very simple, and you do not need to be rooted either, every android phone can do this with no modification! Instructions after the jump:


    1. You need only two apps for this, one is paid, one is free.
    2. The paid app is called WidgetLocker, links below:
      WidgetLocker $1.99 (market link)


    1. The free app is called Typo Clock, and is not yet available via the market, but the download link is below for the apk.
      Typo Clock (apk link)


  1. Open widget locker
  2. Long press on any widgets that are current there and remove them (You can't remove the default lock this way)
  3. Long press on the screen, select widgets and choose Typo Clock.
  4. Press menu then settings:
    1. Under Look & Feel:
      1. Tick Hide Notification Bar
      2. Select Background Tint and drag the slider all the way to the right.
      3. Select Slider & Layout and select iPhone.

  5. And thats it. Pretty easy right?

Now you can have a look around widget locker yourself and really theme it the way you want. Some people for instance like to have their music player widget on there for easy song changing, or perhaps an rss or twitter widget? Let me know how you get along and I'd love to see some of your own personal lock screen creations! Either here in hte comments or on twitter. Enjoy!