Android Guide: How To Root The Samsung Galaxy Tab

By now you should all know the advantages of rooting your phones right? If you don't, let me give you a quick reason why you should...

I dropped my HTC Desire last week and it broke, kaboom, dead. For most people this would mean a lot of lost data, lost game progress, lost notes, lost everything. Not for me however, because my Desire was rooted I had a titanium backup task run everynight and store my data to the sdcard. When I got my Galaxy tab, I simply rooted it and applied my backup. My Galaxy Tab now has all the apps and app data that was on the Desire the day it broke.

If that isn't reason enough, I really don't know what is. Anyway, on to the guide! It's bloody simple, takes about 10 seconds too. Follow the jump to see how!


    1. Install an app called z4Root from the Android Market.
      z4Root (market link)


  1. Open z4Root
  2. Click Root.
  3. And thats about it!!

Rooting has come along way recently eh! Have fun with your recently rooted Galaxy Tab!!!