Android Guide: How To Fix Android Market Issues

One of the more common issues you will find with android is to do with the market. Google have not quite got the market to the top of it's game just yet (but it is getting better for sure), and one of the occasional complaints is to do with market apps just not downloading. You can search, read comments and screenshots, but the damn thing just sits there initialising the download, sometimes (eventually) giving you a download unsuccessful message.

Sometimes this error is on googles side, and there is little you can do to fix it yourself except waiting it out, howeve there are some things you can do that in most cases will fix the issue straight away!


1: Turn It Off, Then On Again

Brings back some horrible memories for me this one, especially with regards to family/friend PC issues. Anyway, the simplest solution is normally the best! Just restart your phone, 9 out of 10 times as soon as the phone starts back up again the downloads will just start on their own.

Step 2 awaits if this didn't work..

2: Google Talk

The market has a dependency on the Google Talk app service. If you are not signed into Google Talk, then you are unlikely to be able to download any apps, they will just sit there as in the screenshot above. So, first things first, open up the Talk app on your phone and ensure you are signed in. Now go back to the market and check if the apps have begun downloading. You may also have to cancel, then restart the downloads to see if this has worked correctly.

If that didn't work, or you were already signed into Talk, then carry on to step 3!

3: Clear Market Data/Cache

Clearing the market data and cache can force the market app to essentially start again. Any temporary data that may be causing the downloads to stall will be wiped and the process will begin again, hopefully fixing the issue. This step tends to work just after you have either updated the market app, or have installed an android update or installed a new ROM. The instructions below will show you how to do this, bear in mine the instructions are for vanilla froyo android, so some of the menu names may be slightly different for you, but you should find your way (if not please feel free to ask in the comments)

  1. Press Menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Applications
  4. Select Manage Applications
  5. Select All
  6. Select Market
  7. Click Clear cache
  8. Click Clear data and select Ok in the popup
  9. Restart your phone


Now re-enter the market, hopefully this should fix your issues.


If none of the above worked, then most likely its an issue on the Google side, and you may just have to sit and wait it out!