Game Review: DynamoKid Touch

DynamoKid touch, a game from OrangePixel, who are quite a prolific developer of android games with a number of good (and not so good) games currently on the market. The game is a 2D scroller, in which the only control you have over the DynamoKid is when you touch him, he will jump, with the character automatically running across the screen.


Well ok, sounds easy right? But it's not as plain sailing as just running and jumping, the developers have kindly thrown a few more elements into the mix. Common to all 4 levels are things like having to jump over gaps, jumping onto moving platforms, avoiding ground and air enemies, avoiding bouncing boulders amongst others things. As mentioned, each of the levels present contains these distractions in some form, but do theme them to match the particular theme of the level, so they do seem different at face value. Other slight changes add value too, for example the first level ground enemies walk towards you (similar to Mario's Goombas), where as in the sand level the ground enemies are static (and look like the tall sand enemies in Mario 64 Shifting Sand Land, hmm, noticing a theme here...).

The first thing you'll notice after starting up the game is the smooth graphics, all 2D, but very well created with sharp colours and simple tones. This presentation continues throughout the game which ensures its always pleasing to the eye. The gameplay can be confusing at times, with little indication on when or how new levels are unlocked. In my experience playing the game, levels seem to be unlocked if you last about 5-10 minutes on the first level, but this is something that could be improved upon. The game is VERY hard, at only one time you will be asked to dodge a boulder bouncing towards you, jump over a gap onto a moving platform and avoid the falling bomb dropped by the ever annoying hot air balloon enemies. Thankfully there is a save function, so please remember to use it!

Overall I think DynamoKid is an enjoyable game, something you can quickly pick up on your lunch break and spend 5 minutes playing (because you'll probably have lost by then!), but its difficulty can make it extremely frustrating, but then again, maybe that’s part of the fun? A very good 3/5

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