Android Daily Dose: Wednesday Feb 23

Motorola dominates the top android news stories this Wednesday, and it's all quite good news!

1. Motorola Gives Gold Xooms to Oscar Nominees

Great, the only people who an afford the things get them for free!


2. Motorola Give You Chance To Win Gold Xoom

Guess I spoke to soon! Check out the source link for the actual tweet you have to RT, and good luck! (USA only!)


3. Motorola Xoom Bootloader Unlockable

This is sort of interesting news, and lots of people are apparently surprised by it, but not me, and I'll tell you why. Firstly, Motorola lock the bootloader of their devices, meaning it's difficult to put your own roms on them, etc. This has annoyed a lot of people who bought a Moto android phone and wish to customise it.

Now the Xoom doesn't have this locked down, but when you think about it the reason is obvious. It's because its a google tablet, the first running honeycomb and so google want devs to be able to play around with it and make great tablet apps.

This will not mean future motorola devices will ship with an unlockable bootloader, so don't get your hopes up!


4. Nexus S Gets Honeycomb Update

Nexus S gets an update to 2.3.3. One of the features of the update is fixing the random reboots people have been tending to get. However, the bigger news is the update also disables Facebook contact sync with your google contacts. Now many people think this is because of the recent spat between google and facebook, and it might have been a factor. But the biggest and main reason is that google simply want Facebook to add this feature using the correct android API's, as it currently does this using a back door method (hence google being able to disable it with an android update).


5. Motorola Atrix Torn Apart

It's always interesting to see the internals of a phone, especially a top end android one! Some interesting discoveries include:

  • The LCD is not glued to the front panel glass. Should you ever need to replace the glass, it not being glued makes this easier.
  • No VOID stickers to be found on the Atrix making it repair-friendly
  • Toshiba 16GB NAND Flash, 1GB DDR2 RAM, NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU
  • Qualcomm MDM6200 supporting HSPA+ up to 14.4 Mbps


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6. Samsung Captivate Froyo Coming Tomorrow

Says AT&T on it's facebook page. Check the page tomorrow to get the link and instructions.


7. Ad-Free Angry Birds Coming In Approx 1 Month

So those who don't like the random ads will soon be able to buy Angry Birds from Rovio. No word on price, or specific release date, but will keep you guys updated.


8. Download Official Honeycomb Wallpapers

Some of these actually look very nice, and HQ too. Love that cue little guy!


9. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 €699 In Portugal

That works out at around £600. I actually think it will be more than that, maybe adding £100 on top is closer to the release price in the UK.#