Android Daily Dose: Tuesday Feb 22

News of the SE Xperia Play pricing and the release the Atrix in todays news, plus a couple of addictive games and apps!

1. Motorola Xoom To Get Android Within Weeks

Says Adobe. Once of the things that caught our eye was the fact the Xoom will ship without Flash support. Adobe have announced that it will be coming very soon, within weeks. Of course, there is already an apk floating around to get it asap. Gotta love #android.


2. Motorola Xoom Unboxing

Talking about the Xoom, check out this unboxing video from Wirefly.

3. SE Xperia Play Up For Pre-Order

Following the LG Optimus 3D being priced at £514.99, we now have the SE Xperia Play, for slightly more money. This is quite surprising because the Play has much lower specs than the 3D. SE should really consider their pricing model, it's not like they can price high on based on past android success. The Xperia line has been a miserable failure so far.. You'll be able to get it for free on a £30 pm contract too.


4. Motorola Atrix 4G Now On Sale

$199.99 with a 2-year contract from ATT, £149.99 from RadioShack and Amazon. Alternatively Walmart has it for just $129.99, but that offer is only available until Thursday.


5. Graphically Release Android App

An alternative to Comixology, Graphically have released their comics app. The two apps are similar in features, but the winner is definitely comixology. Their app is smoother, less prone to FC and the actually reading experience is much, much nicer.


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6. Minecraft Coming to Android

The game thats taken the desktop by Storm, is coming to android. I haven't actually played this myself, but it seems quite fun.



7. Kaspersky Mobile Security Comes To Android

Another big security name to hit the android market. Offering the usual anti-theft/privacy protection and the much needed (not) antivirus protection. The service is $30 a year, which is higher than the competition, so I'd probably give it a miss if I were you..



8. Lets Create Pottery Available on hte Market

Had to mention this one, the app seems quite fun and relaxing. Available for £2.99 on the market, so make use of your 15 minutes if you fancy trying it :P

Market Link...

9. AirAttack HD Free

Very cool game here, the gfx are gorgeous and best of all its free :) Check out the video below:

Market Link...

10. Stupid Zombies

Quite a cool puzzle game, you really get hooked into getting the best score possible..

Market Link...