Android Daily Dose: Thursday Feb 24

Thursdays dose of top android news follows on where Wednesday left off, with the Motorola Xoom. The new generation of android tablets are finally here, so when are you picking yours up?! :P

Motorola Xoom at Verizon

1. Motorola Xoom Released on Verizon

So the Xoom was released today, and lots of people got their hands on one. Thinking about it? You'll need to take a look at the multitude of reviews out their first! AndroidPolice have a nice review roundup from around the web.

If you have bough the Xoom today, then remember to visit Verizons website to sign up for a notification when the Xoom becomes upgradeable to 4G LTE. Or you could follow me on twitter instead!


2. 'The Daily' Coming To Android Q2

The highly promoted ipad digital newspaper is coming to android sometime next quarter, the only question remaining is, do you care? The bigger issue is the fact they are bringing it to android, which again shows that devs are willing to bring apps over to the better platform!


3. Snoop Dogg Promoting The Samsung Galaxy Indulge

This is just... well I'm not sure how to describe it... At the end of 2 minutes they eventually mention the phone anyway!


4. Nexus One Gets Gingerbread

Finally! Although I bet 99% of Nexus One owners have been running the latest android for phones for a while now. :p


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5. Android Device Activations In Visual Form

This is very cool, could have done with some music though. They also missed the HTC Desire/Nexus One launch, which I find to be a bit strange... The Desire especially as its a massive hit in Europe.

6. Original Motorola Droid Gingerbread ROM via ProjectElite

Those of you out there with the original droid who fancy a bit of honeycomb action, then this ones for you!


7. GameSpy Announces GameSpy Open For Android


Similar to Feint and Scoreloop, but GameSpy brings something much greater to the table with cloud storage for things like screenshots, save games and video storage. This will be great for those of us that play games across multiple android devices who don't like having two different save games!