Android Daily Dose: Thursday Feb 17

Welcome to Thursdays edition of the Android Daily Dose. Today we say the final day of Mobile World Congress, an event that brought us lots of new and great android phones and tablets. I think my favourite announcement was actually for the Samsung Galaxy S II, its looking likely to be my next personal phone. Samsung definitely have big ideas around android, they seem to be the mobile company putting the most into the platform at this moment in time.

1. Trojan Found In.... Pirated Apps

Guess who announced this, thats right, our old friends at Lookout. Now honestly, what is the point? If you're going to pirate an app instead of giving over $1 to a developer, then you get what you deserve..


2. Google Reader Updated... Still Not Good Enough

So google reader for android gets an update, but in all honesty its still not great. Nothing to make me move from NewsRob in any case... yet. New features include:

  • Unread count widget
  • News ticker widget
  • Mark previous as read
  • Official Russian translation


3. More Phones Get CM7 ROM

This is quite cool, if you don't know CyanogenMod 7 is a gingerbread rom, and the CM guys have to be congratulated on bringing gingerbread to so many devices that don't currentrly, and may never even get the latest android for phones. The list of phones includes: HTC EVO 4G, MyTouch 4G, Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Aria, HTC Desire (GSM/CDMA), HTC Slide, HTC Desire Z, T-Mobile G2, HTC Desire HD, HTC Legend and HTC Droid Incredible.


4. Motorola Atrix 4G Available In 5 Days! (Feb 22)

Those of you lucky enough to be in America, and on AT&T can get your hands on one of the most advanced mobile phones on the planet in only 5 days! Will you be getting this phone? Worried it may be locked down by Motorola?


5. HTC Flyer On Video

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6. Motorolas Xoom User Guide Leaked

Fancy taking a look through the user guide for this monster of a Honeycomb tablet? WEll if you're picking this thing up next Thursday I can't think of anything better to be spending your time doing! You can download the user guide using the link below!

Download Xoom User Guide...


7. Android Movie Studio Demo (en Francais!)

I'm atill not sure what to think of this app. I really do doubt I'll ever use it, but it does look quite functional. What are you're thoughts about this app? Google made it powerful and usable enough?

8. Google Will Release Music Service With Honeycomb

Sanjay Jha, chief executive of Motorola Mobility announced that the Xoom will be one of the first devices to run googles new music service. Google's acquisition of Simplify Media last year seems to be the tech driving 'Google Music'. I'll  be interested to see just how they implement this, but it's unlikely to take me away from Spotify!


9. Sony Ericsson LiveView Promo

So Us Euro's have had this device for a while now, but those pesky Americans have only just been able to get their hands on the LiveView recently. Below is a kinda cool promo video explaining its function. Personally I wouldn't shed out my hard earned cash for this right now, it just isn't worth it in my humble opinion.

10. Amazon UK Lists HTC Desire S £419.99 Due April 18th

What do you think about this price? Good, bad? It's certainly cheaper than the price I bought my original Desire at back in the middle of last year. Which I would have hoped for considering it's basically the same thing... But what does this mean for the price of dual core phones? Add an extra £100 on top perhaps?


11. Current HTC Desire Phones WILL Get Gingerbread

The bad news is it won't be unitil a while after the Desire S has launched in April. Of course, you can get it right now if you root!


12. Jumpgate Live Wallpaper From KittehFace

Call me a geek, but I love this live wallpaper! Surely a must have for android fans :D

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