Android Becoming More Selective With Partners?

Bloomberg are reporting that Google are looking to tighten the android ship, and in fact have already started to lock down said ship by forcing companies wishing to be part of Google's early access program will need approval from Android Head Honcho Andy Rubin.

This new strategy from Google has upset a few android manufacturers including Samsung, LG and Facebook...? Apparently Facebook are particularly upset as the intend to create an android device, but do not like having to give Google, one of their competitors early indications to their business plans.

In any case, I think this is good for android. It means that those devices running the latest version of android should be of a high quality, so us early adaptors should be getting decent hardware, and decent implementation of android software. With the above news, it is important to note that android is STILL open, as open as it has ever been. Third-parties can still develop using android on whatever device they wish, they may just not be privy to the latest code as soon as it is available.