Android App Recommendation: Slider Widget

Slider widget for #android is a pretty cool app/widget for controlling various system settings. There are literally hundreds of widget apps on the Play Store that let you do this already, however slider widget does it in a pretty unique style.

Adding the widget to your homescreen provides a bar with 6 different controls on it, including things such as screen brightness and volume controls. Clicking on one of these controls pops up a slider so you can change the setting to the exact value you want, rather than having to scroll through a set of pre-defined values.

It's available for free on the Play Store at the link below.

A small Widget that gives control of the screen brightness and the sound volume directly from your home screen. You can easily manage those with the widget's slider or your hardware buttons. With a double click, you can also use the buttons to toggle.
✓ Displays brightness and volumes on the home screen widget
✓ Control screen brightness
・ or set auto brightness (on/off)

✓ Control volumes
・ ringtone volume
・ media volume
・ notification volume
・ alarm volume
・ system volume
✓ 3 input options
・ change values with the slider
・ change values with hardware (up/down - buttons)
・ use buttons with double clicking to toggle BETA
✓ Indicators show if auto brightness is on or notification and ring volumes are connected
✓ Position of the slider can be changed ( all 4 directions)
✓ Settings
・ notification uses ring volume (on/off)
・ play confirmation sound if volume changes (on/off)
・ toggle function can be deactivated for each category


Slider Widget - Volume & more
//don't be worried, various colors are planned for the next few weeks

//It seems that on some ICS devices the slider widget isn't shown (in the add widget section, th...