App Guide: Add HTC Keyboard With Voice-To-Text To Android Phones

HTC have created one of the best keyboards available on android devices, and up until now there has not been a way for non-HTC phones to get the keyboard. Well thats about to change! The instructions here will also add the full voice to text function that is actually missing on the HTC Sense keyboards. Making this keyboard download a must have for both those currently using a HTC AND non-HTC phone!

Check after the break for installation instructions!

Installation Instructions

Make sure you have enabled Unknown Sources to install this app: Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources

Download To Phone

Hi Res Low Res
2.1 Devices 2.2 Devices 1.5 Devices 1.6+ Devices
  1. Download the application by scanning or clicking on the appropriate QR code above from your phone.
  2. If you DO HAVE a HTC Sense phone DO NOT INSTALL clicker.
  3. If you DO NOT have a HTC Sense phone DO INSTALL clicker.
  4. Follow the instructions below for both downloaded files (or one file if you have HTC Sense)
    1. When completed click on the download (and select Package Installer if asked).
    2. Click Install when prompted.

  5. You also need to install this app to ensure the voice to text works correctly:

Download To PC

  1. Download the application by clicking on the appropriate QR code above.
  2. Connection your phone to you PC via USB cable and select Disk Drive mode.
  3. Copy the downloaded file(s) to your phones sdcard (any location, just remember where you put it).
  4. Download an application called Astro File Manager from the android market.
  5. If you DO HAVE a HTC Sense phone DO NOT INSTALL clicker.
  6. If you DO NOT have a HTC Sense phone DO INSTALL clicker.
  7. Follow the instructions below for both downloaded files (or one file if you have HTC Sense)
    1. Open Astro File Manager and browse to the file you previously placed on the sdcard.
    2. Click on the file and select Open App Manager from the popup list.
    3. Select Install, followed by install again when prompted.

Activation Instructions

  1. Go to Settings > language and keyboard
  2. Tick HTC_IME mod
  3. Press the search key on your phone
  4. Long press on the quick search box
  5. Select input method from the popup list
  6. Select HTC_IME mod

Credit goes to jonasl for the HTC Sense version of this keyboard, please donate if you like his work!