Android 50% Faster than ios on 84% of Websites

Blaze have carried out what seems to be some extensive testing on the browser speeds of android and ios. The phones used were the Nexus S and the iPhone 4, each running the latest available version of their operating systems, thats 2.3 gingerbread and ios 4,.3 respectively.

They set out to answer the question "which browser is really faster, from a user’s point of view?"... Apparently the answer surprised them. Although they could have saved themselves a whole load of trouble and just asked me... Step over the break to get a bit more detailed info.

So this test was carried out on 1000 real world websites (Fortune 1000 websites), sites that users like me and you are most likely to use. This one fact makes the results more attractive than most of the other benchmarking items we've seen in the past.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • The average load time on android is 53% faster than on ios.
  • Android was faster than iPhone in 84% of the tested websites, and iPhone beat Android in 16% of the races
  • Android provided a faster browsing experience 4 times out of 5.
  • Javascript load time doesn't impact website load time (so be wary if you hear ios is faster at rendering javascript than andoin, it means jack)

Of course, you must remember that no test is fool proof, but Blaze went out of their way to provide as unbiased a test as they could, and well I guess the results speak for themselves.

Conclusion: If you want to browse the web as fast as possible, theres only one choice!