Amazon Looking To Create an Android Kindle?

Kindle, Amazons best ever selling product may be in line to get an android overhaul! Currently the Amazon Kindle is purely an ereader device, small, lightweight, but very limited in functionality, it basically does one thing and one thing only (it does that thing better than anyone else in case you're wondering)

There has been a lot of rumours that Amazon will create a colour Kindle device, and the android OS has been mentioned in the same paragraph, it's very possible. These rumours have just exploded due to the fact Lab 126, the side of Amazon that create the Kindle, has this week put up at least 5 new vacancies that ask in part for android development experience. Thats got to mean something right?

Its worth noting that this could just mean amazon are looking for developers to work on android software for other devices (which in itself would be a good thing for the platform anyway). It's hard to say whether creating an android tablet device would be good for amazon, it will certainly be good for google, android as well as us consumers though. So I'm hoping the rumours do turn out to be true. Would you like to get your hands on an Amazon android ereader or tablet device?