Amazon Launches Cloud Music Service For android!

Amazon have followed up their last weeks release of Android Appstore with a new service... Amazon cloud Player! Well this is once again huge android related news from Amazon, something I'm sure will not sit well with Google (they are currently struggling to create their own version of this type of service).

Amazon's Cloud Music service will essentially let you purchase music, upload it to 'the cloud' and access it from anywhere, including the ability to cache songs to your device. Music you buy from the Amazon website can be easily added to the cloud with an additional "add to cloud" button, whilst you are also able to add your own music to the cloud too. You get 5GB of free storage or pay for more if you choose. Pricing is shown below:

This is a huge deal, and shows that Amazon is taking android seriously. They have their own android market, their own android music cloud service, whats next for Amazon and android? Well I'll tell you what, right now I wouldn't be surprised if they made next week their third week in android announcements by releasing an android tablet!!!

One more thing I should mention, like the Amazon android Apstore, this is USA only for now, do expect it to become worldwide eventually! However, you may be able to get around the county limits using this technique.

If you want to find out more details directly from amazon you can by following this link.

Market Link