Amazom Android App Store Almost Live!

UPDATE: Get the Amazon App Store app  on your mobile here:

If the official link doesn't work, get it here instead: Amazon App Store Link

This morning the Amazon store went live, however it was quickly taken down. Fortunately Techcrunch managed to have a browse and take some screenshots while it was up.

The good news is the app store is going to have some VERY COOL features, including Test Drive and daily free premium apps.

The Test Drive feature looks absolutely amazing, it lets you use the app in your browser before purchasing! I am very excited by this, what a wonderfully innovative feature by Amazon.

They will also be offering a free premium app of the day. This is obviously to bring people to the site, so I'm not sure how long they will keep doing it. But yet again, it looks like a great move by Amazon. Can you guess what their first free premium app will be? Some pretty angry birds.

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