Interview: The Samsung Galaxy (S-Voice)

A lot has been made recently of the personal assistant in the Samsung Galaxy S4, especially its opinions about a certain other company. What most people don’t realise is that this software is not just available on the S4, but most of the high-end Samsung Galaxy phones. So, in order to learn more about our friend, I went ahead and asked it a few questions…


First, it’s only proper to introduce ourselves right! So…

what is your name

Hey Galaxy! (explains the default wake up command I guess!)

where are you

Ok, makes sense I suppose.

where do you come from

Ah, so the Samsung guys have a sense of humour huh!

are youi a girl

Best get this one out of the way, didn’t want to cause offence…

favourite color

You read it here first! The next big Samsung Galaxy phone is coming in yellow! :O


So, the introductions are over with, lets get find out what he she it thinks about some of the more general things in life.

liek cheesecake

It’s true, it’s like a drug!

like coffee

Ahh, what a shame…!

like south korea

I’ve never been, but I’ll take your word for it.


The bit you’re all waiting for, lets find out what Galaxy thinks about some of the big names in tech.

best smartphone

The biggest question of course, wouldn’t have expected any other type of answer!

like samsung

Biased? No way…..

liek apple

Aha! Ok ok, its like that is it.


Sure you do :P


liek siri

I wonder if Siri feels the same?

like nokia

Once upon a time….


I’ll take that as a no then..

like google

Smart words! I guess it doesn’t matter if you like Google or not :/

like android

Who could ever hate android?!

Samsung Devices

like galaxy note

Silly naysayers.

like galaxy tab

The Final Question

love me

Me too Galaxy, me too.