Google Play Weekly Downloads [Feb 7 2013]

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1. Shift It   [FREE]

If you are looking for a new "twist" on puzzle games then Shift  is right up your alley. The whole idea behind the game is that its considered to be a Rubiks cube in 2D form. The gameplay is just the same as the cube where you must shift the color tiles to be grouped with its other corresponding colors. There are many different ways to solve a puzzle which makes the puzzles both hard and easy at the same time. As you progress, the tiles are slightly different and there are more colors for you to shift with. This game is a fun time killer and very addictive. Download it today! [youtube]


2. Aralon: Sword and Shadow   [$4.99]

I'm honestly are not too fond of RPG aka Role Playing Games. Although I love playing Final Fantasy 7 from time to time.  Aralon : Sword and Shadow actually made me enjoy RPG games on Android again. Sure there are a Plethora of RPG games that are available in the PlayStore and many for FREE. But what stands apart from other role playing games is Aralon's beautiful console quality Graphics. The dynamic lighting effects were very nicely done. Of course game play is even more robust with many things to do in terms of customization with your character and attributes. You can choose to be either an Elf, Troll, or Human. The game also has over 30 hours of game-play to keep you busy. This has been a very popular IOS title for quite some time and it greats to see it in the Playstore. Many will find the vast world to be sight to gander at as you progress through each level.  Download it Today!